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Welcome to MilkShed!

Hello! My name is Nick, and I am honored to introduce you to MilkShed Games, our little game studio.

MilkShed Games is an independent game studio with the mission of delivering fulfilling experiences with our original games and quality craftsmanship to all our partners. We believe that a studio with strong teamwork and trust as it's core values can overcome the limitations of a small team and produce high quality work.

MilkShed started as a dream: cultivate Vermont into a game development hub where talented people go to explore radical and inventive ideas. If we wanted this, then we needed to stand as an example that this dream can be a reality. By focusing on cultivating creative ideas in-house, we are always keeping innovation in the forefront of our minds. '

Keep your eye out for profiles on our members, and stay tuned for the first episode of our studio podcast!

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