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The UI of RV Punch

UI can be one of the most important design elements for building a game. A display that shows you all of the information in a way that can be easily understood at a glance but also doesn’t clog up the screen during gameplay. For the fast-paced action of RV Punch, it was imminent that we nail this down this sweet balance correctly so anyone could pick up our game and understand how to play while still being an immersive experience. We simplified the UI elements down to the main knowledge that a player will need during a race at any time: pole position and lap number. And just specially included for our game, your boost level when it comes to speeding up. Even to keep this experience as immersive as possible, our programmer Matt was able to have our UI elements bounce a little on when landing on the ground from a jump or fall. That little bit of screen shake can be a very important form of feedback when it comes to a captivating experience!

We made the pole position UI a huge shiny number that would be at the top of the screen so it could be seen while you are looking ahead at the track. The lap UI was added at mid level to give it its own home on the display that still could be seen easily while scanning your horizons. The boost UI is very expressive to the racing nature of our game: a tailpipe that bursts out flames when in use! It also has a gauge to show you exactly how many boosts left you have out of the 4 each player is given. It also shows how boost power can be collected by punching off of your surroundings, so all the more reason to punch! As one of the designers who has worked on the UI itself (Hi I’m Christine!), I personally hope you’ll find our user interface to be informative as you give it your all to reach the finish line before every other player!

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