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Factions in the RV Punch universe!

The World Wide Punch League organizes all things RV Punch including its rules, factions, race schedules, and what snacks to bring to the next board meeting. RV Punch has four main racing factions that partake in the RV Punch races.

Always in competition for the next king or queen, constant competition in the Junk Monarchy makes them a fierce competitor. The Junk Monarchy utilize as many spare parts they can for their RVs. They are very resourceful and make some of the most durable RVs we've ever seen. Through perfected and practiced traditional methods of a long-gone era, The Mountaineers bring a veteran's touch to the WWPL. The Mountaineers were the pioneers in RV racing. The 1st known iterations of RV Punch RVs were created out of wood by the 1st Mountianners, and were also horse drawn. Focused on scientific breakthroughs, Pummel University *knows* its greater understanding of RV Punch racing will let it come out on top. Pummel University are the brains behind the best, and brightest RVs. They create their RVs with the most fuel efficient engines, and the lightest materials. New on the block but not to be underestimated, the mysterious Animals in Tents have been shocking fans with never before seen tactics. We don't really know where they came from, or who they are, but they're making quite an impression on the scene.

You can find the logos of these factions adorning the tracks, and as an RV Punch racer you might even visit their home circuits!

Brought to you by the WWPL!

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