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Dev Blog #7: RV Design

Hello readers! This week I’ll be talking about how I came up with the design, and how I created the RV were using on RV Punch. Next week I’ll be talking about how I animated the RV.

Let’s begin with how I start every project, with a pencil, and my trusty 7x10 sketchbook. I start all my designs on paper. I like to sketch out my ideas because for me it’s faster on paper than it is digitally. Iteration is key when designing anything. Nothing is perfect the 1st time around. I wanted to make the RV feel like it’s been used a few times. This isn’t any showroom RV, this RV has seen more battle than most humans.

I also wanted to make sure to show that these RVs that are created in this universe, are completely custom. These were regular RVs before their drivers gutted them, made them stronger, and added HUGE FRIGGN’ MECH ARMS where the dining table once was. These RVs aren’t for road trips anymore, they’re for fighting.

Once I got the body of the RV to a place I liked, I moved onto the arms. The arms needed to feel dynamic. Needed to feel completely different from the RVs, these didn’t come from the same factory after all. The arms needed to give off a feeling of “built for one purpose, and for one location”, and that purpose was for punching, and the location was inside an RV.

The arms I wanted to feel very industrial. I also added some glass windows to see how the arms were constructed inside, and some external cogs to give it a strong silhouette. I also needed to make sure the arms seemed like they could fit inside the RV. I gave them ball joints to allow for unrestricted movements, and to give an explanation for how they can fold onto themselves and fit back inside the RV.

Overall, my pipeline is pretty flexible, which is very important in a small development team. Next week I’ll be talking about my animation techniques and practices. Thank you very much for reading. Stay awesome!

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