Dylan Gooley

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Dylan Gooley is from a small cluster of trees somewhere in Upstate New York. He studied fine art in PSU before transferring to Champlain College to pursue his game development dream. In his free time you can find him trying to keep his many plants alive and bathing in coffee.


Matthew Roy

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Matthew Roy is the lead programmer at MilkShed Games and specializes in gameplay programming, systems programming, and the Unity game engine. He is originally from outside of Boston and graduated from Champlain College 2019 majoring in Game Programming. He enjoys walking his dog when he's at his parents' place and someday he wants to actually learn a non-percussion instrument.


Nicholas Robbins

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Nicholas Robbins is a Game Programmer born in the state of Vermont. He has dreams of seeing the video games industry flourish in his home state, and joined with his friends to start up MilkShed Games. You may find him ranting about the latest games he’s played (some dispute that his opinions are wrong) and trapped under his constantly increasing pile of RPG’s he needs to play.


Christine Brumbaugh

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Joseph Martallucci

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Christine Brumbaugh is a Game Developer mainly working in Design with a passion for moment-to-moment user experience and immersion, essentially being in charge of finding fun in games to pass off to players. (That's you! <3) After graduating from Champlain College in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Game Design, she joined MilkShed Games with the shared vision of having independent creative control of making exciting games for players. When she’s not making games, she enjoys making art, caring for plants, and most of all- being a corgi and dog enthusiast.

Joe Martellucci is a Game Designer born on Long Island, New York. As a kid, he always dreamed of starting a game company, so he attended and graduated from Champlain College with a bachelor's degree of science for Game Design.