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Our Story

MilkShed Games is an independent studio based out of Burlington, Vermont. We are a passionate group of developers with a vision: create games that break convention and explore wild ideas. No task is too great or idea too complex; we tackle each of them with precision and care.


Panic is a hybrid turn-based/action strategy game. As a wizard's apprentice lost in a magical forest, your goal is to find the keystones scattered around the level and escape past the barrier. The only thing standing between you and freedom are the monsters of the night, so be extra careful not to wander into their gaze...


 Keep your eyes out, for you know not what lies behind each corner, lest you succumb to fear and begin to.... PANIC.

Coming to Steam soon!

Our Next Project...

RV Punch is a racing game with a strong focus on RV to RV combat and exciting movement options! You race as one of a class of future RVs, equipped with the cutting edge combat tech- giant robot arms! Punch your competitors off the course and off the world around you to accelerate forward and win!


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